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Beijing before the start of my trek into Europe!!

Day 2... a slightly more exciting day in Beijing!

38 °C

Ok so today I decided to take in Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. I will start with Tiananmen Square because that is where I went first.

So Tiananmen Square. My mum told me that it is boring and, is just a square. She is right, it was just a square, a very communist square, but a square all the same. The thing is that I think it would be very interesting if you had someone to tell you everything about it, and the ‘incident’ that happened there. But no one really seemed interested in that at all. Everyone there was just getting their photo taken with communist symbols whilst I was trying to work out where exactly that guy got mowed down (couldn’t find it by the way).

Yey for Communism!!!

Yey for Communism!!!

Entrance to the Forbidden City, with a massive portrait of Chairman Mao

Entrance to the Forbidden City, with a massive portrait of Chairman Mao

So when I moved onto the Forbidden City I decided that I would get a guide, so you know I didn’t miss the site of any massacres. His name was Michael and he was fair good. He told me a lot about the symbolism around the palace, and got me in to meet the nephew of the last Emperor. I can now officially say that I have shook hands with royalty… woooo.

Anyway here are some photos of me at the Forbidden City:

Me Hanging in the Fobidden City

Me Hanging in the Fobidden City

Me hanging with the Smiley Dragon

Me hanging with the Smiley Dragon

The Forbidden City was ridiculously hot. With massive open spaces and stone everywhere there was no where to be protected from the heat. Michael was a legend because I am pretty sure he took me into places soley because they had air con. Which is really a double win because firstly I got to see wedding gowns of the Emperor and Empress and secondly because of the air con. Go Michael!!!

When I left the Forbidden City, even though it was really hot, I decided that I would walk back. So I proceeded to spend the next hour walking down this road that I hoped would take me back to the hotel. Even though I was buggered and hot, it was a good walk and took me past some dirt alleyways into tin communities. Which was weird because of the development either side of them.

Whilst on this walk I stopped to look at a map. Whilst doing this a man came up to me and asked if I needed help. He gave me directions and I walked off, but about 5 mins later he caught up with me. He told me he was a Chinese Muslim and told where to get the best Muslim food and everything about Islam in Beijing. I seriously didn’t know if he was a preacher or was just wanted to try and practise his English.

Anyway the last memorable thing that happened today was I went to a restaurant that does not serve meat or fish, rather they make tofu taste like the meat. And can I say it was AWESOME!!! Would not have believed it if told beforehand but it is true.

Lessons Learnt:
1. Beijing is massive. Get a taxi.
2. Tour Guides are full of information but most importantly know where the air con is on.
3. Don’t get Chinese Muslims started about Islam. You won’t be able to shut them up.
4. Tofu infact can taste like chicken
5. Should have learnt my leasson from yesterday and not got a dish with chilli

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